The excursion starts at 10 a.m. from the harbor of Omiš. During the 45minute drive towards the island of Brač, the town of Pučišće, on board aperitif and juices are served. We stay in this town for two hours, which means you have free time in order to be seeing the sights of Pučišće and to swim on the beautiful beaches of Pučišće.

While you are enjoying our delicacies, the ship is sailing towards the next town on the island of Brač, Postira. In this town you are free one hour and a half to be seeing the sights or to swim on the beaches of Postira.

On the return to Omiš on board you are served a sweet course, coffee, wine, juice and cold water. The ship enters port in Omiš at 4pm.



This little fishing adventure starts at 8.30 every morning by leaving the town port of Omiš. Our first step is putting up the fishing nets, having been laid into the sea half-way to the island of Brač the previous day. The net is 700 m long and 6 m high and it is laid in the debt of 70 m in the seabed, where sea game live – very attractive and delicious fish. Every day there are a few types of fish and crabs.

After putting up the fishing net from the sea, we sail to Postira, a small old fisherman’s town, placed on the island of Brac. We stay there for two hours, enabling you to go sightseeing and get familiar with the life on the island, but you can also enjoy swimming and sunbathing on the beaches of Postira.

After that we sail towards a beautiful lagoon of Lovrećina, 30 minutes’ ride far from Postira. While sailing from Postira to Lovrećina lunch is served on board, you are offered a few kinds of fish, salad, bread, wine, juice, icy-cold water.

When returning to Omiš you are served coffee, dessert, wine, juice and icy-cold water on board. At 2.15 p.m. we enter the town port of Omiš.


The excursion starts at 9 a.m. with the departure from the city harbor in Omiš. The ship sails toward the island of Brač, the town of Pučišće. The sailing lasts 45 minutes and during this aperitif and juices are served on board. As soon as the ship enters port, private, new and air-conditioned mini buses are waiting for our visitors, which are organized by us and included in the price.

The drive lasts 25 minutes over the island and during this drive itself you will be able to see the untouched nature of the country-side of the island, olive fields, vineyards and Vidova gora – which is at the same time the highest peak of all Adriatic islands (778m) and the stone desert Blaće with its beautiful Renaissance-monastery. After that we arrive at a car-park which is only 50 m away from the beach Zlatni rat where you can stay for 3 hours. Then we take the same organized transport back to Pučišće. You will return directly to the ship where immediately lunch is served: fish, salad, wine, juice and cold water.

After lunch you have 40 more minutes to be seeing the sights in Pučišće. On our way back to Omiš sweet course, coffee, wine, juice and cold water are served on board. The ship enters port in the city harbor of Omiš at 4 p.m.