Trip includes driving group trips, some 6 km of river Cetina to Radmanove mlinice. The trip takes 45 minutes. The Cetina River is the longest river in Dalmatia (102 km). In the early Middle Ages the pirates from Omiš used it as a hiding place. The picturesque canyon of the Cetina River also served as a stage for many films, such as Winnetou.

During a 40-minute boat drive the guests can enjoy river flora and fauna and take pictures of the canyon scenery. Various trees and dense cane fields surrounding the river, birds, ducks, swans and fish which can be seen in a crystal clear water will keep you company on your trip. The green river and its inhabitants, small islands and rapids which flow on its sides provide a perfect place to relax your body and soul.

At the end of the trip the guests arrive to the excursion site Radmanove mlinice, where they can walk through the park and have something to eat and drink in a restaurant. Children can play on a playground and there is also a beach for swimming. After a break, the guests return to the boats and are driven back to Omiš.

The duration of the trip is approximately 2, 5 hours.  Boat trips through the canyon of the river Cetina take place every day from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.